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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the entire process take?

This process can take around 8-12 weeks from start to finish depending on the types of flowers used in your bouquet. The bulkier the flowers are, the longer they will take to press. The process involves taking all the moisture out of the petals until they are almost paper like to the touch; so flowers with higher moisture content will need more time in the press.

when can i drop off my flowers?

We recommend dropping your flowers off 1-2 days after the wedding. Once the flowers start to brown or wilt they can no longer be pressed. Keeping them in a vase with clean water and placing the vase with the bouquet in your fridge will ensure they stay as fresh as possible until you drop them off to us! Side note: we cannot press flowers that are already dried (they will crumble in the press)

Will you be able to press my flowers?

We try to press every piece of flower and foliage in your bouquet however, due to the organic nature of the process, we cannot guarantee that every flower will press perfectly. We do not press bouquets that consist of mainly one type of flower, or all rose bouquets. Roses have a very bulky bloom and they tend to not want to be pressed. White flowers or flowers with a light pigment such as blush or peach will turn yellow or brown as the moisture is taken out of the petals during the preservation process. Expect most of your flowers to change color and pigmentation (this is totally normal). Flowers that press well are:

Ranunculus, Anemones, Stock, Lisianthus, Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Queen Anne's lace, Cosmos (any flower that has a thin or slim profile)

Flowers that do not press well or yellow/brown during the process are:

White Roses, White Lisianthus, White Stock, Calla Lillies, Dahlias, Proteas, Berries (bulkier flowers in general)

How long do your preserved flowers last?

Our frames that are properly cared for should last for decades! Direct sunlight and UV light are a pressed flower's  enemy. Since flowers and our preservation process is natural and organic, you should expect some natural fading of color and browning in your petals over time (same thing that happens to printed photos over the years). Keep your frames out of direct sunlight and away from moisture rich environments such as bathrooms. The change in color you will see in your pressed flowers is natural and organic since we do not chemically treat the flowers. Here at Bloom we LOVE how this color change reflects age and the passage of time, conveying that your marriage has lasted all these years and you still have the original flowers from your bouquet in your home :) eventually your frame will become an heirloom that you can pass down to your children, grandchildren or family members and the pressed flower frame will become a vintage staple in your family.

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